Selected publications

Cognitive abilities in large language models

Mahowald*, K., Ivanova*, A. A., Blank, I. A., Kanwisher, N., Tenenbaum, J. B., & Fedorenko, E. (2023). Dissociating language and thought in large language models: A cognitive perspective. arXiv:2301.06627.

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Kauf, C., Ivanova, A. A., Rambelli, G., Chersoni, E., She, J., Chowdhury, Z., Fedorenko, E., & Lenci, A. (2022). Event knowledge in language models: The gap between the impossible and the unlikely. arXiv, arXiv.2212.01488.

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Language vs. other cognitive functions in the brain

Benn*, Y., Ivanova*, A. A., Clark, O., Mineroff, Z., Seikus, C., Silva, J. S., Varley, R., & Fedorenko, E. (2023). The language network is not engaged in object categorization. Cerebral Cortex, bhad289. Oxford University Press (OUP).

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Ivanova, A., Mineroff, Z., Zimmerer, V., Kanwisher, N., Varley, R., & Fedorenko, E. (2021). The language network is recruited but not required for nonverbal event semantics. Neurobiology of Language.

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Ivanova, A. A., Srikant, S., Sueoka, Y., Kean, H. H., Dhamala, R., O'Reilly, U.-M., Bers, M. U., & Fedorenko, E. (2020). Comprehension of computer code relies primarily on domain-general executive brain regions. eLife, 9, e58906

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Methods matter

Kauf, C., & Ivanova, A. A. (2023). A Better Way to Do Masked Language Model Scoring. In Proceedings of the 61st Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL).

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Ivanova, A. A., Schrimpf, M., Anzellotti, S., Zaslavsky, N., Fedorenko, E., & Isik, L. (2022). Beyond linear regression: Mapping models in cognitive neuroscience should align with research goals. Neurons, Behavior, Data Analysis, and Theory.

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